…was that a yes?


There are just so many different emotions going on in this one scene.

The Doctor is angry because he knows they’re all hiding something from him and he’s forcing himself to listen to Amy because he does trust her even though it goes against all his instincts.

Amy is falling apart when he says his life is in her hands because she can’t stand letting him trust her with his life when she knows she can’t keep it safe.

River is thanking Amy for saving her by taking the fall because she knows Amy can’t handle it as well as she could have, but the Doctor doesn’t trust her so she can’t do anything. His lack of trust in her was painful enough before she even saw Amy’s face.

And Rory doesn’t really know what to do and is just trying to comfort Amy because he too can see she’s falling apart and barely hanging on.





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I know I’ve reblogged this before but omg that addition deserves a second time



Neither do I.

Smallville Memories | Erica Durance & Tom Welling:
↳ “Lois does not behave with Clark as others do. She’s natural, has no problems, and she’s got a knack for getting into trouble! Clark doesn’t have a clue that she’s going to be the love of his life.” — Tom Welling

Anonymous thought: "Rachel deserves so much better storylines. It's always about her bf. Damn it suits writers -__-"

Yes. This! So much.

The thing about Rachel, and essentially Donna, is that their lives revolve around the males in the show. Even though they’re kick ass independent woman, and Rachel should have got her own plotlines this season because she is going to Columbia to become a lawyer, and she’s Harvey’s goddamn associate, which the show forgot. However, the show forgo all that interesting stuff in favor of another stupid love triangle.

She made a mistake, and Mike is trying to forgive that, because he’s a good guy. Rachel knows that. And she’s (I assume) trying to make their relationship work.

idk why everyone finds her annoying.

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